What is a Skin Ulcer?

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A Skin ulcer is a skin sore that heals very slowly. Generally, this is due to weak blood circulation to the area of the disease. They are very painful, open sores or wounds. Most of the time, the condition would keep returning and won’t heal properly. They may last for a few weeks, but mostly they stay longer into years. They have the potential to cause serious problems and so must not be ignored when they are seen around. Even though the disease is mainly caused by poor blood circulation, other events could trigger it.

What are the different types of skin ulcers?

Venous Ulcers 

The ulcer is a shallow wound brought on by lack or poor blood circulation between the legs and the heart. The circulation condition forces fluid into the vein and then leeks out into the nearby tissues. As a result, the tissues break down and cause sores to form. A venous ulcer is normally red with a yellowish film cover. These sores of the ulcer weep clear fluid. But if they are infected they also ooze out the yellow or green discharge. Venous ulcers are usually found around the lower leg.

Arterial Ulcers

These ulcers are common in people suffering from artery disease. They normally appear on the feet of the patient, especially diabetics. The feet and toes nails have poor functioning arteries. Therefore, they have problems with blood circulation. The arterial skin ulcer is very painful and worst at the night.

Neuropathic Ulcers

Neuropathic Ulcers are commonly found in diabetic patients. When a diabetic suffers from nerve damage in the feet they develop ulcers at the feet’ pressure points. Most of these ulcers appear brownish-black. The affected skin area becomes hard. Diabetics should protect their feet with proper fit shoes and have their feet regularly checked.

Pressure Ulcers

This skin ulcer is caused by the prolonging position of the body at a particular place. The skin area suffers from a lack of proper blood flow which kills the tissues in the area. They are mainly found around the heels, ankles, elbows, hips, and back of the person. This skin disease is very common among wheelchair-bound people. The disease is a serious cause of infection.

What are the causes of skin ulcers?

Blood flow difficulties cause serious problems for people. They experience serious malfunctioning of their nerves as the result of faulty valves. Changes in blood pressure also cause blood flow problems. Rises in blood pressure make the upper skin thin out and form skin ulcers. Another common skin ulcer symptom is the swelling of the ankles. The wounds will continue to hurt and may intensify with time.

Diabetes is also a known cause of skin ulcer issues. They are mostly around the feet and legs. Some of the diabetics get their ulcers healed without any medical treatment in the initial stages. But they can cause infections that worsen the condition.

The inflammation of the joints, rheumatoid arthritis, is also another cause of skin ulcer conditions. The swelling of joints weakens the surrounding area of the swelling joint. This can cause excess blood pressures which cause the skin layers to develop ulcer symptoms.

Another serious cause of skin ulcers is skin cancer. Generally, they are found around the neck and mouth areas of the person.

What are the diagnoses and treatments for skin ulcers?

There are many kinds of skin ulcer treatment. Some of these treatments are topical remedies. Others may be the compression of garments and or bandages. Antibiotics are also used when an infection is detected. Some patients may need bypass surgery to restore blood circulation to their legs and feet.

The blood test is the main procedure to identify the cause and nature of an ulcer. Complete blood count determines the existence of an ulcer. Skin biopsy is used to find out the intensity as well as the nature of the tissues and cells of the sores. This method would reveal the bacterial causing the ulcer. By this method, the right treatment procedure would be determined.

X-Ray or MRI is used to scan the skin to find the nature and intensity of the ulcer. Most of the time, doctors may use a combination of scan and biopsy to determine the proper treatment for the skin ulcer.

Wound dressing with hydrocolloid or alginate is a great help to relieve sores.

All the above treatment procedures are highly recommended mostly during the early stages of the skin disease. If there is no sign of improvement, you may need to consult with a Skincare Specialist in Coimbatore

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