What are the reasons and treatment of red spots on the skin?

Red Spots

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That give color to our skin is melanocyte cells of melanin pigments. Disorders occurring in these cells or pigments cause darkness or lighting on the skin color. The main causes of the red spots on the skin are allergic reactions that caused by chemicals in skin care products. In addition, exposure to the sun more, the use of antibiotics, birth control increase the possibility of red spots occurring. On the other hand, other skin diseases such as Eczema, Tinea Corporis can be the reasons of spots on the skin as the results of these skin diseases.

Although many skin doctors tell there is not certain treatment against many red spots on the skin, doctors prescribe skin creams containing steroids in such cases. To prevent to be seen of the spots, less exposure to the sunlight is recommended.
As red spots on the skin, there can be white spots on the skin. In this skin problems, whitening in the skin can be seen. This skin problem can be called also vitiligo. The recommended
treatment for vitiligo is re-pigmentation.
Regulation a diet that includes foods with vitamins beneficial to the skin is very important for the treatment of these spots.

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