Some Skin Diseases and Their Causes

Skin Diseases

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Major skin diseases are eczema, acne, cracks, sudden reddening of the face, wrinkles, itching and rashes. In addition to them, Tinea Corporis is also a skin disease that people of all ages may experience. Symptoms and causes of some skin diseases above are as follows:

Tinea Corporis

Tinea Corporis is the most common among the types of itching. Cases such as moist body, diaphoresis, underestimation the hygiene are common reasons Tinea Corporis. Unhygienic wet areas are highly suitable environments for the proliferation of fungi. If the body is not kept clean and dry, the possibility of being caught this disease is extremely high.

In order not to get caught Tinea Corporis, You should have a long time shower in the bath, clean everywhere in the body and should not sweat during daily activities. Also, you should stay away from public cleaning and maintenance belongings. All these issues also need attention to get rid of the disease and you should use anti-fungal cream.

Symptoms and Causes of Sudden Facial Flushing

Except sudden flush on the face, it occurs with multiple flushing on the vicinity of the head and the ear. Facial redness occurs because of stress in social situations as a result of problems of the nervous system. Sudden reddening of the face as a result of psychological reasons has a close relationship with social phobia.

Symptoms and Causes of Itching

Itching known also as Pruritus, occurs with a feeling as if there was a bug in the body. It reaches serious proportions with the advancement of itching. Long-term contact with soap and water washing, wool clothing, reaction with a variety of chemicals, side effects of some drugs and fungus are the main reasons of the itching.

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