How To Prevent Warts?

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Warts commonly affect children and also teenagers. They are less found among the adult population. Warts are mostly little in size but rough and hard growths on the skin. A wart may take on the color of the skin it affects. They appear differently on different skins. They may appear as single or in groups. Even though they appear cancerous, they are not. They are epidermal growths that usually develop on a person’s hands and or feet. But they sometimes appear in other places of the body.

Warts are a viral infection. The infection that triggers the disease is known as papillomavirus or HPV. The natures of warts differ with different people. People react differently to the condition. So it is even possible for some people to be in contact with it and not develop it.

Stop warts from getting worse

Even though most warts may disappear on their own, it may take some time to do so. So most people look for ways to get rid of the skin disease as soon as they appear on their skin. Depending on the area that is affected, there are all kinds of help available for the removal of the condition. The main concern is to try not to spread it by touching or scratching the spots.

Most common warts may not need any doctor but you have severe warts. Then you should consult with skin doctor. You can easily deal with them with most of the available OTC out there. The two most popular OTC methods of wart removal are salicylic acid and Walgreen’s Wart Remover.

There are also home remedies of different types for the removal of the disease from skins. However, most of them have not been tested officially yet. But the duct tape removal method does take some time. You need to have patience with the method to see good results. It may take up to ten good weeks or even more to see desired results.

If conditions do not improve as expected, then the best dermatologist must be consulted. If the disease affects places like the face and genital parts you should see your doctor. In any way that a child is affected by a wart, the child should be taken to see a doctor. Most conditions may resolve in good time but a wart that is difficult may require several visits to the doctor.

What is Genital Warts?

These are sexually transmitted diseases and they are very contagious. They are caused by a particular type of HPV strain. As high as 80% of people may be infected with HPV strain in their lifetime. But only a small percentage like 5% or less will actually have a genital wart disease. They are colored in grey and white.

Warts are found around the genital areas with the female ones being called vagina warts. Depending on the particular type of the HPV strain causing the condition, the symptoms could around from weeks to years.

There will be recurring outbreaks of the disease while the infection is still around. Certain strains of these infectious diseases, HPV, can even cause cervical cancer in women.

What are the symptoms of genital warts?

Even though a genital wart may appear big and itchy, some are so small to even recognize them. It may take up to 3 months before a strain develops the infection. Of all the different strains of HPV, only a few of them may actually cause a sexual wart. Also, the only two strains that are identified with cancer are also responsible for sexual warts.

What are the treatment options for Genital Warts?

There are many kinds of treatments for warts. The condition can be dealt with by a topical cream. There is also Wart Cryotherapy which actually freezes the wart with liquid nitrogen. Another process uses an electric current called Electrodesiccation. This process only destroys the genital wart leaving the strain inside which can reoccur. People should be careful not to use other over-the-counter treatment medications. You can experience serious irritations.

A powerful way to treat a genital wart is to use a proactive method, Imiquimod (Aldara). This is a topical cream that empowers the immune system. This helps the body to fight off the disease on its own.

Genital warts can disappear as the immune system usually fights them off. But persistent conditions should be treated with an effective process that may be available.

The vaccine Gardasil is able to prevent the virus that is responsible for genital warts. It is, however, given to females between the ages of 9 to 26. It must only be given to women before being sexually active. The disease could be hidden in women and may appear very tiny in men. It makes it difficult to know if your partner has the disease or not.

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